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The Application of Vinyl Sulphone Dyes for cotton and cellulosics

The combination of the vinyl sulphone reactive group with cellulosic fibres exhibits excellent stability to acid hydrolysis. Removal of any unfixed dye after completing the dyeing cycle is enhanced, since the substantivity of hydrolysed dye is low.

Time/Temperature Graph

Exhaust Dyeing Methods

At A set bath at 30°C with required amount of dyestuff. Circulate goods to ensure even distribution.
At B add common salt 20-80g/l and run 10-15 minutes.
At C add 10-30g/l alkali and raise temperature to 60°C in 3 minutes. Run at 60°C for 30-60 minutes.
At D drop liquor, rinse hot, cold and soap off.

Salt and Alkali Requirement Circulating Machine Winch Dyeing Circulating Machine Winch Dyeing
Ratio of Goods:Liquor 1:8 to 1:12 1:15 to 1:30 1:8 to 1:12 1:15 to 1:30
Glaubers Salt Calcined or Common Salt 50-80 g/l
Caustic Soda 72°TW 2-3 ml/l 1-2 ml/l 1 ml/l
Soda Ash
or Trisodium Phosphate
5 g/l
15-20 10-15 5-10
Dyeings Temperature 40°C 60°C
Time 60-90 mins 60 mins

Duractive Turquoise VG

In the case of Duractive Turquoise VG, Soda Ash is used as alkali and dyeing carried out at 80°C. Common Salt should not be used.

Ratio of Goods:Liquor 1:2 - 1:3 1:4 - 1:6 1:8 - 1:12 1:15 - 1:30
Glaubers Salt Calcined 80 g/l
Soda Ash 25 g/l 15-20 g/l 10-15 g/l 5-10 g/l
Temperature 80°C

Single Bath - Pad - Batch Method using Sodium Silicate

Pad at 20-25°C; cover batch with polyethylene film and allow to dwell for 18-24 hours; finish as usual.

All information is provided for guidance and in good faith but without guarantee. Suitability for application and end use requirements remain the users responsibility. Illustration of the product does not imply freedom from patent restrictions in any particular market.